Furnace Installation Service Calgary

With an average of some three months with snow on the ground, low temperatures and strong winds, Calgary winters are known for their harsh, cold weather. A good furnace is simply essential to surviving a long Calgary winter and functioning throughout your normal everyday routines is simply impossible without it. Proper maintenance, timely repair or choosing and installing a new furnace should all be considered and completed before the cold winter months arrive. Calgary’s own Clearview has staff and representatives that are prepared at every moment to provide you with quick, polite service and the promise that the cost of our services will not exceed the estimated cost.

Preparing your furnace for the Calgary winter

In Calgary, perhaps more than anywhere, furnace maintenance and repair are of the utmost importance. You should always be sure to have your furnace diagnosed, tuned and repaired before the beginning of the long Calgary winter and before any damage should arise. Filters should be changed regularly to prevent the dirt that has gathered from circulating through your home or work space during the heating season. This and other maintenance of your furnace will also significantly lower heating cost and prolong the life of your furnace. Motor fans should always be checked, cleaned and oiled well before you begin using your furnace and the humidifier cleaned thoroughly. Both of these simple yet important maintenance tasks will ensure that your home or workplace is heated properly and provides for a healthier environment, while also reducing your energy bills over the long winter.

Clearview offers a Preventative Service Agreement Program that includes pre-scheduled annual maintenance to make sure your heating, cooling and plumbing systems are checked and working as efficiently as possible, avoiding unexpected repairs and additional bills.

Proper maintenance and furnace repair

At Clearview we take pride in treating your furnace and heating system with great, personal care to make sure all our customers have the most efficient heating and comfortable environment over the long winter months in Calgary. With our Clearview Service Agreement, we provide you with free heating and air conditioning diagnostic services on any annual furnace repair and we include a 20% discount on all repairs, while providing you with priority after-hours emergency services should they be required.

We also offer our Clearview Precision Furnace Tune-up and recommend it to all our customers before the winter heating season begins as it offers two very significant tasks:

Carbon Monoxide Testing – Using sensitive professional equipment, our experienced representatives can detect even small cracks that may be leaking deadly carbon monoxide gas into the air you breathe in your home. A quick visit will ensure your home is a safe and healthy environment.

Cost Savings – Annual maintenance will extend the life of your furnace from 5 to 10 years and create significant savings on your gas and energy bills.

Clearview offers a minimum warranty of one to two years on all parts and labour. Contact Clearview to find out if the specific warranty details on your furnace make our offer even more generous.

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