Heat-loss Analysis Replacement Calgary

You know the obvious signs that a window replacement is in order — like a massive crack or the end result of a neighbor kid with a MLB-level pitcher’s arm. However, there are other tell-tale signs that your safety (not to mention energy bills) could be improved with something as simple as a window replacement. If you’re worried about break-ins or think you’re paying too much to heat your home, the answer might be simpler than you think.

Here are six signs that a window replacement would serve you well. Whether you’re interested in replacing all the windows in your home or just the accent piece in the door, make sure the professionals you hire are licensed and insured.

1. The Obvious

Just because it’s the attic window that’s cracked, chipped or flat-out broken doesn’t mean it’s not important to replace. During the winter, the upper floors are where heat escapes. If a burglar really wants to get inside, all it takes is a ladder or some mad climbing skills to reach high windows, and broken glass is considered an open invitation.

2. Your Windows are Lazy

Maybe they’re not lazy, but worn out windows simply don’t perform. If they’re difficult to open and close, obviously leak air and are ready for retirement, it’s time for an upgrade. Poor performing windows are the last thing you need in case of an emergency, like a fire, where you need to quickly get outside. They are also spiking your energy bill for no good reason.

3. They’re Old Timers

Old windows might have character, but they don’t have the insulation you need. When you buy a vintage home, understand that back in the day they didn’t use double panes and other tools to reduce noise and trap heat or cool air. You can even get Low-E glass in your new windows to lower heat transfer and reduce UV damage—which means no more faded rugs or bleaching of couch backs.

4. Your Door’s Accent Window is Too Big

Even in a safe neighborhood, you need to be vigilant about protecting your property. If a door’s accent window is big enough for someone to fit inside or it’s easy to reach the locks when broken, that might be too tempting for a burglar to resist. To drastically up your home’s security, new windows that are “pinned” from the inside along with a solid-core exterior door are your best bet.

5. You’re Selling

Whether you’re flipping a house for profit or it’s just time to move on, new windows can increase your home’s value. Add new exterior doors into the mix, and you’re on the fast track to a profit. Some buyers are willing to spend above and beyond for energy savings and better security. Just make sure your realtor knows about the upgrades so she can really sell it.

6. Your Winter Wonderland Moved Inside

If you live in a region with chilly winters, check for frost and ice buildup on the windows. Condensation is another red flag that window insulation is subpar. Peeling paint on the outside of the house near windows is also a hint that window seals could use some TLC.

Replacement windows look better, save you money and are even easier to clean. That’s a win-win for everyone, and right now is the perfect time for a replacement. Make sure that A/C air stays inside, keeping you and your loved ones cool.